Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Promise For Me

I looked out my bedroom window and somehow found inspiration. It's not much and probably not very good but here goes.

A Promise For Me
A square, a mere square
showing a sliver of what is there
The tiniest portion reveals such a lot,
part of the great design, is it not?

The glass dulls it, does not convey it right,
the bodies with wings taking joy in their flight
Brilliant luminescence lighting their way
as they thoughtlessly soar throughout the day

A mere moment is all that I need
to give into the sin that we call Greed
Yet it is not anger or jealousy I show,
but a hungry desire to know what He knows

I am certain that the knowledge would overwhelm me,
destroy and obliterate my power to see
all that I have and all I own,
pushing me from that place I call home

And so, for now, I will continue to sit,
perfectly content until I slip
out of this world and into another,
leaving all safety and leaving all cover

He many do unto me what He has planned
as long as he promises that this land
never fades in beauty and is lit by the crescent
so that I may see the glory that is ever present

That's it, hope you liked it.
Side note: I was watching an anime called Angel Beats! and it was really good. So good, in fact, that I cried at least twice. Especially at the end when Kanade (Angel) left Otonoshi (? Can't really remember his name) and it was so sad. Bless him, he was left all on his own.

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