Friday, 16 November 2012

My 5 favourite things in my bedroom

Instead of a life lesson today I'm going to a picture blog!
About what, I hear you say? About My 5 Favourite Things in my Bedroom!

   1. My bed - perhaps the item most people overlook. I, however, love sleep; which is strange seeing as I'm a morning person.

2. My headphones and my iPod - I am very loyal to my iPod and won't use anything else until it literally just won't work anymore. I recently got new headphones so now both of them work and the quality is amazing! Oh, what would I do without music?

3. My hair curlers, hairspray (Shockwave) and related items - I love messing about with my hair and my favourite way is to curl it in a Korean style.

          4. My rosary beads - I'm not a devote Catholic but having my rosary beads hung over the side of my bed makes me feel safe and I hold them when I say a prayer at night. Wearing gives me strength and confidence.

                                                      5. My pocket watch - I absolutely love pocket watches! They're just so unique and you don't see anyone wearing them anymore: mine is more like a necklace with the watch attached.

                                       So that's my favourite 5 things in my bedroom. Hope it wasn't too boring :-)

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