Sunday, 25 November 2012

Otome Kei

I've decided that my fashion style is going to be Otome Kei. If you don't know what Otome Kei is, you're in luck, I'm going to tell you.
Otome Kei means young lady or young maiden. It's basically a toned down version of Lolita (google it). I've chosen this style because it is more mature than Lolita but still has the same style - it's mainly the skirts that I like. I'm going to wear long-sleeved tops with skirts and knee-high socks or tights. I really love high waisted skirts as they give you more shape but make you look thin as well (but not in the gross anorexic way).
I also adore wearing bows as accessories or clothes with bows on. Hats are also a must; I prefer the baggy knitted ones, sometimes with a pompom or whatever you call them on.
The main thing is colour, though. I usually wear clothes that match but with a pop of colour, whether it's the top, bottoms or shoes. I add a bit of my own style to an outfit by wearing high tops or baseball boots instead of otome kei shoes (although I will wear a pair of ballet pumps sometimes).
With my hair, I curl it in a Korean style. I'm hoping to dye my hair a honey brunette and then get some extensions so that the curls are really long. Then I clip one side back so that the top layer of curls don't look too messy.
So yeah, that's my style. If you're not sure what style you are/want to be, just look on the internet, there's something for everbody. Don't be afraid to invent your own style either.

Side note: my iPod charger doesn't work anymore so I'm really annoyed. But, I remembered that I had my docking station to charge it on. I got really scared for a moment because I thought I wouldn't have any music until I got a new charger, scary I know.

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