Friday, 23 November 2012

japanese sweets

Today, I am going to blog about...Japanese food! When I say that, I mean sweets and chocolates.
There are lots of Japanese sweets that are extremely delicious in their  way. My favourite thing about them (apart from their taste, obviously) is that the packaging is always so bright and colourful, it just looks so cute and really draws in the eye.

My all-time favourite Japanese snack is Pocky! And if you don't know what Pocky is, get out. No, seriously, leave. Oh, okay, I kid, I kid. (I don't. Leave.) Let me familiarise you with Pocky, over here in England it's called Mikado. Recognise it?
Well, it is the most addicting food ever and it's so tasty! My favourite flavour is strawberry!
Another sweet I absolutely love and treasure when I have it is Puccho. It's basically a packet of chewy sweets with loads of different flavours.I particularly like Soda flavour and Genki flavour (a Japanese energy drink).

Another amazing sweet is Shigekix Super Sour Gummies. They are quite sour as the name suggests but I really like sour food - lemons are great! I've only seen SSG come in two flavours, Grape and Soda, but that's only when I can find them.
Hope you all enjoy Japanese sweets as much as I do!

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