Monday, 19 November 2012

Pet peeves

Okay, so today it's pretty much just a few lists of stuff. Hope you like it though.

Pet Peeves
  • I'd have to say that my number 1 top pet peeve was betrayal. It sounds really weird because I couldn't think of a way to put it. Basically, I hate when the people you hang around with run off with someone else or decide to start hanging out with someone else. I'm just like 'Oh yeah, gee, thanks.' And I hate it when people say that they'll do something for you then either don't do it at all or do it for someone else first.
  • My second pet peeve is alphabetising; no, I dont have OCD (or CDO as my friends like to call it), or at least I'm pretty sure I don't... It's not that everything has to have an order to it - well, yeah okay, that kinda contributes to it - but it's just practical. When people are looking for something I'm there just like 'you'd know where it was if it was alphabetised..I'd have found it for you by know if it was alphabetised..' and pretty much just annoying them :-)
  • Another pet peeve of mine is when people are looking for a song and they listen to the intro and then change it again. But it's not just one song, oh no. It's every. Fucking. Song. I mean, just let a song play or turn the music off the look for another song: it's not that hard people!
  • I absolutely hate it when people judge things before they've even seen it. I like anime, and it pisses me off when people automatically assume it's full of tentacle rape porn. No...just...just, no. And when people watch a trailer or listen to a tiny bit of a song and decide they don't like it. Come on, give it a chance!
  • One of my worst pet peeves is when people spell things wrong. Not normal words or anything like that but mainly names of people and anime and bands. For example (and I think fellow fans will agree with me here), it really annoys me when people spell the Kpop band name as Shinee or shinee. It's SHINee guys! And yes, it does make a difference. I don't mind if you didn't know and I will correct so that you know in future. But it's when people do it continuously despite people telling them...honestly, people these days.

So, if you do any of these pet peeves near me, you have been warned! Sort yourself out!

I was going to do a couple more lists of stuff but I'll do it tomorrow because it was bigger than I expected today.

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