Sunday, 18 November 2012

Don't believe everything you read

Don't believe everything you read.
If I did, right now I would be convinced that there are countless invisible spiders everywhere, including my mouth. Luckily for me, I don't.
I bring this up because of my horoscope. I believe in horoscopes and palm readings. I don't know why, I just do. Mostly because when I look back at yesterday's horoscopes, it's right. Pretty much all the time. That might just be my brain working what has happened into a form where it fits into what the horoscope has said, but I highly doubt it. Afetr all, I am a naturally skeptical person and so what reason would I have to bend events so that they match my horoscope? (Rhetorical question, by the way.)
My horoscope today stated that I would meet someone nice today. Yeah. In my opinion, that didn't happen. I did have a good chat with the person working at Waterstones but I don't really class that as meeting someone. Maybe my expectations are just high. I thought that I would properly meet someone and perhaps we would grow to be good friends. However, nothing of the sort has happened yet. Perhaps other Leo's out there have encountered a nice person and it has come true for them: oh well, can't have it all.
I'm still waiting to meet that person today; they better hurry up, they've got 6 hours and 38 minutes left (as of now). Mind you, it'd be a bit creep if I met them in my house now...second thoughts, I can wait,

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