Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Life lesson #4

Life Lesson #4: don't be afraid to change things - I know this contridicts with one of my previous life lessons that say that should be who you are. However, it still has the same point...kinda. And that point is that you should be happy with yourself; even if that means changing something about yourself.
Now this could be dying your hair, changing your style of clothes, your taste in music, or plastic surgery.
I have brought this up because one of my closest friends wants to change her name. I don't really understand this because I think that her name is unique and suits her well. But, I have no problem with her changing it (I'm helping her try to decide what to change it to) and even if I did, it wouldn't be my place to say anything. It's not that I'm trying to not be hypocritical, it's just that I want her to be happy with herself.
And that goes for everyone else as well, feel free to make any changes to yourself that will make you more confident. I don't really reccommend plastic surgery or anything drastic like that but it's up to you, isn't it?
As for me, I've never thought about changing my name or having plastic surgery because I'm fine with all of that. My name kinda suits me. I do often dye my hair though, and have stripped it because I dyed it black and my hair wouldn't take any other colour. I'm going to attempt to dye it lighter, maybe a honey-brunette type colour, and hope it takes rather than just making my hair darker. Here's hoping, huh?

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